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I will start how I finish if I die soon somebody feel some guilt and shame all I want is that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen rotting in jail.
I will preface my final website expressing my UTTER DISGUST with people, the Memo Opinion above is  AMORAL VOMIT from a Judge  to a brief I filled Pro Se.I have no idea if Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotely is corrupt or a coward, I am a homeless wretch I am not sitting in the bar of the Willard talking with dross from the Fed Bar.
However I know 2 things firstly if this VILE Judge had issued my Mandamus rather than tossing it I would have been working on healing for the last 10 years rather than suffering.
I also know wise words from Hartley Shawcross  " There comes a time when a man must refuse to answer his leader if he is also to answer his conscience" 
I also know we do not need to go back to the Curia Regis to know right from wrong, actually I know 4 things the last thing I know is that Kollar-Kotely is morally bankrupt and I cannot help but wonder what Tom Denning would have done in her place, however I do not need to wonder I know what he would have done, he would have done the right thing.
Ex Aequo Et Bono
The right thing there is an abstract concept in this day and age,  an example I have mentioned to a few people some people I would like to invite to dinner if I was not fucked up, a couple of people I do not know in truth I will never invite anybody to dinner I know I am no good to anybody.
However if my words got back to anybody I do not know I would not want to invite them to dinner as they are morally repugnant.
A quadriplegic from Crackerville, AL could express their disgust at the theft of funds from my late daughters charity and the systemic psychological destruction of a human being by banging their head on the keyboard.
There is only one valid emotional response at the theft of funds from my late daughters charity and that is MORAL OUTRAGE anybody that does not display MORAL OUTRAGE I hold in utter contempt.
However it does not matter what I think I am just a homeless wretch that had his soul raped by an ABOMINATION by the name of Elizabeth Gracen that is being protected from prosecution by the ex Cracker-in-Chief Bill Clinton.
The connection between Clinton and Gracen is well documented, Gracen first shared a bed with Clinton to obtain a Miss Arkansas Crown.
It is also worth noting that Mr Celluloid Vomit, Jerry Bruckheimer knew that 75 percent of the revenue from my show was meant for my late daughters charity when he bought it from Gracen.
It is also worth noting the reason I sent Gracen to LA to sell my show rather than going myself was because I was trying to be nice, Gracen is from Arkansas, women from Arkansas do not buy apartments in Paris, they buy 6 packs and buckets of chicken for crackers called Billy-Bob, I wanted Gracen to feel it was part of buying an apartment in Paris and that it was our apartment and not my apartment.
Gracen took every penny got into Clinton's ear and he had me thrown in jail and nobody said that is sick, that is depraved, how can I help Chris.
All these years nobody did the right thing and stood up to be counted.
19 years of my life stolen from me gone forever, most of that time a homeless wretch on the streets.
The Right Thing, an abstract concept in this day and age the whole planet has been infected with American ignorance, vulgarity and self obsession.
That pariah The Parasitic Entity the USA has sucked all the values out of this world and replaced them with ignorance, vulgarity and self obsession.
Bill Clinton is a rapist, his victims could have been your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend and nobody has the backbone to stand up to this toxic cracker, Kay Graham and Ben Bradlee had the backbone to stand up to Nixon, however even the Post today is a waste of ink owned by Robber Barron Scum and staffed by crayon twirling chimps.
I do not want to blow anything up I am a man of peace, however if the wacko's had blown the Parasitic Entity off the map on 911 the world would be a better place without that cancer upon the planet.
America is a cancer upon Mother Earth a cancer that has stolen 19 years and counting from me.
American Ignorance and Vulgarity is everywhere, I am in a cheap hotel as a French man I love like a brother helped me.
I was looking to see if there was anything worth downloading and I see drivel like Keeping Up With The Kardashian's , Ye Gods think if you had a young daughter and she said when she grows up she wants to be like the Kardashian's what would you do first cry your heart out or run to the doctor for an emergency vasectomy.
I also see drivel by Apple Studios, who the fuck with any integrity would have anything to do with Apple yes a nice OS, Windoze is a monster, however Mint is free.As a company Apple are scum that fuck everybody over their business model is like that of a crack dealer standing on 161st and Broadway.
Same as Amazon Studios fucking over people in their warehouses, there was a time when I could have done Hamlet standing on my head whilst knitting a scarf, however there was never a time I would have done anything for Apple or Amazon Studios anybody that would in another time and place would have gone to Leni Riefenstahl's Cattle Call and doffed their caps.
This is a preface not a ramble, all I have wanted all those years is Justice and that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen in jail, as for Bill Clinton that is protecting Gracen the man is a rapist, there was a wonderful Swedish film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
She knew what to do with the Bill Clinton's of this world, I have come across 13 women he has raped, there will be more in a just and ethical world Clinton would be tied to a pole in Sally's 2 on W43RD or Madame Arthur's on the Warmoestraat where the transgendered with a cracker fetish can practice on him.
I cry most mornings that I have not died in my sleep, I long for death however I am not suicidal, I maintain lower brain function with only 1 driving force seeing that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen suffer and suffer and suffer in a jail cell the way it has made me suffer day in day out for 19 years most of that time homeless and begging on the streets.
I talk about this below in the UK there is a town called Barrow-In-Furness it is the ARSEHOLE of the UK the people are toxic, ignorant and barbaric, however they are happy
I would hate to be an abused woman in Cumbria  as the cops are vile knuckle dragging neanderthals that have the emotional sophistication of an AND gate, no empathy, no compassion.
However I wish I could be a knuckle dragging neanderthal rather than being fucked up due to that ABOMINATION Gracen such a safe eco system, grunting to fellow neanderthals about the football scores and the barmaids tits, it must be sheer bliss being that dumb.
The people in Barrow-in-Furness are the most vulgar ignorant people in the UK, Bill Bryson an American writer that is a little too Norman Rockwell for my taste sums up the people in Barrow-in-Furness, however in a sentence the football scores and the bar maids anatomy is their limit ,getting drunk and engaging in a fist fight is their version of going to the Met and seeing Turandot, however they are happy wallowing in their ignorance and vulgarity.
My last day of happiness was Nov 8th 2002, I was heading to The Empress Hotel in Victoria to see a friend. All I have known since then is pain and suffering at the hands of that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen.
All I have wanted all these years is JUSTICE and that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen rotting in a jail cell where it can suffer and suffer and suffer the way it has made me suffer day in day out since Nov 8th 2002.
That ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen did not just take my money and leave me to die upon the streets of Paris, it took my health, it took my humanity , it took my dignity it even took my fucking teeth from me, most of them have fallen out years of poor hygiene on the streets of Paris.
As I said below I am not suicidal however if I die soon some LOW LIFE CUNT feel some guilt and shame and do something.
My death bed wish is that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen rots in jail.
19 years of my life and counting that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen stole from me.
I came across this today  utterly disgusting ripping people off, GOUGE, GOUGE, GOUGE.
Today I also had this corrupt Councillor called Georgia Gould the leader of Camden council  in London she had her IT people try and start an email fight, the woman should be in jail for fraud  however Cressida Dick the Commissioner of the Met Police will do nothing as Gould's mother is a " pretend" Baroness a VILE social climber that fucked everybody in Publishing in London apart from Samuel Pepys, Gail Rebuck Gould's mother is a  living Becky Sharp ,Gould's father wanted a little "rough" and sired the sack of shit.
Georgia Gould should be in jail for fraud she took money so Camden would not house me, normally I would avoid the Georgia Gould's of this world like the plague they are fucking vile utterly lacking in substance and everything that comes out of their mouths is a form of glossolalia favored by the Fake Left, Loony Left and Champagne Socialists the kind of mindless fucks that would be playing semantics with masturbatory drivel like preferred pronouns She,Her, Hers as Hitler marched into  Poland.
I have some preferred nouns when referring to the Georgia Gould's of this world, Imbecile, Buffoon, Dullard, Asshole.
Gould is a toxic woman lacking in substance and learning that should be in jail for Fraud, her corruption could cost a homeless person their life.
This is the world I long for death, all that has kept me breathing all these years is a dream of seeing that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen go to jail.
As I have said a few times think of me on my death bed and feel some guilt and shame, my dying wish is Gracen rots in jail.
I am not suicidal I keep breathing with one dream knowing it is suffering in jail, however I want to go to sleep and never wake up
.All I have wanted all these years is JUSTICE and that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen in jail and to go to a country that will treat me like a human being and try and finish a book I started in 1997.
It would not be the UK My own country shit all over me and as a nation the UK is morally and spiritually dead, the country has the worst P.M the country has ever known a man lacking in substance and integrity that in effect " murdered " the UK with Brexit, BXL needed fixing not shooting, they needed to git rid of dross like Ursula Von Der Heuchler BXL'S very own Mrs Bucket the CDU'S game plan is one of  hypocritical drudgery and dross like Charles Michel a professional dullard that could not get laid on the Rue d'Aerschot.
Somebody sent me an email telling me my German gender is wrong, it should be Heuchlerin, excuse me my German is awful I am a homeless wretch not Novalis, however I do integrity and morality well alas in all these years of searching I have not found a soul that does integrity and morality well.
I am referring to Ursula Von Der Leylen the President  of the European Commission a vulgar morally bankrupt woman her moral disengagement suggests she would have been cheering Hitler on in 1933.
I would not want to live in France even if M Jourdain AKA Macron gave me a wing of the Elysee as  France shit all over me, all I wanted to do is go somewhere where I will be treated like a human being.
I watched a wonderful French movie last night, The Art Dealer.  It got me thinking about France after the war and an allegorical parallel.
I once loved France, Paris was my spiritual home, however in effect France sentenced me to "Degradation Nationale" a sentence that has not existed in France since the early 50's, I serve my sentence crying my heart out on the streets of Paris as a homeless wretch.
Many historical parallels both temporal and spiritual, it was called a Banning Order in South Africa, the Latin term is "Damnatio Memoriae."
Halachically speaking the word is "Herem" under Cannon Law the word is "Vitandus"
Or to make it simple, France declared me a Non Person, even now in these strange times France's very own Dr Mengele an Oliver Veran will not pay me the R.S.A (Welfare) France owes me, however he gave it to a man that gunned down a school teacher.
Oliver Veran is AMORAL, forgetting my issues for a moment and I have no idea of an ethical way to prevent contagion, however in effect Oliver Veran has issued " Internal Passport's " in France and that is not the answer in effect he has  created an " Us And Then Dynamic" shades of Vichy and Pierre Laval and wearing a Star Of David.
Shades of Jean-Valjean and his yellow passports, also the Ancien Regime when the church had to issue a " Aveu" saying the holder is a good little boy or girl and let him or her travel.
Oliver Veran is a disgusting man, where the fuck is Jean-Paul Marat when he is needed
I do not  want to get into a philosophical debate about Veran all I wanted is what CAF the welfare department  owe me, all I ever wanted from France was for France to treat me like a human being.

France owes me a lot in punitive damages and yet I cannot even get the R.S.A she owes me.
I loved France once, now I am so utterly disgusted with France.
France taught me to hate just as France taught Edmond Dantes to hate.
I would not want to live in The Parasitic States of America, until the day I die I will despise that country as holocaust survivors despised Nazi Germany.
Once again the pariah failed moral integrity, I have been waiting for an apology from that dullard that infests 1600, Biden since November and a copy of the indictment against Gracen from Justice.
Biden lacks substance and integrity forgetting my issues I see Trump is still not in jail, it could be argued that Rockefeller Republican's are palatable in small doses, however wacko's like Trump are FUCKING VILE as are his cabal of the mindless and we also have scum like Hannity, Beck, Carlson et al that profit from priming the mindless and that scumbag Murdoch sums up there is no hope for this world.
Anybody that has anything to do with Fox News are utterly contemptible the kind of people that would be twirling crayons at Der Sturmer in another time and place.
The saddest thing is over the years I met a few people I like I wanted them to " Get It Right" so I could have done something nice for them if I ever had my day, so few got it right, I have all but accepted I will never have my day Kubler-Ross, Stage 5.
However I wanted them to " Get It Right" it turns out it is academic, however you never know when doing the right thing will come back and thank you, a lady in Menton that always came out of her cafe and gave me a sandwich every day, if I had my day here are the keys" Lucy Jordan With A Happy Ending".
Jean-Pierre if I had my day a Hotel Particulier in the 7eme for him, a quiet area of Paris very few dumb American's uttering " Look McDonalds Awesome " "Look Starbucks Awesome"
I would not be alive now had it not been for Jean-Pierre, a vile woman from Idaho with millions in effect said " Fuck Off And Die Chris" Jean-Pierre said " Live Chris"
Well as I said I have all but accepted I will never have my day, but my heart knows one act of kindness deserves one in return.
Those I met over the years that I like that failed to display integrity and compassion no anger in my heart  towards you only sadness.
I wanted you to " Get It Right" maybe I am lying, maybe I am a lunatic however maybe I am a man that had his soul raped by the woman I thought I would grow old with that stole millions from my later daughters charity and myself and left me to die on the streets of Paris.
I wanted those I met and liked to " Get It Right" as if I ever had my day I wanted to make you smile, it is too late now.
For everybody else that failed me, Ahab said it better, " For Hates Sake I Spit My Last Breath At Thee"
I removed a few paragraphs trying to find somebody from 2014, I think something bad happened to him, I am so fucking ill.
The world is broken, I see some " journalist" was murdered in the NL , he was not a " real" journalist like calling Ronald Mcdonald a chef, he was a Gutter Press " Journalist" that craved attention, however he did not deserve to be shot of the streets.
30 years ago the NL worked well, now as a nation they care about nothing, a pissant Mayor of Amsterdam told me she can do nothing about the sexual abuse of a young boy aged between 6 and 8 by a hotel owner in Noordwijk, how the world has changed.
30 years ago the NL was a wonderful country, people cared for each other, now they do not even care about the sexual abuse of a child, American ignorance and vulgarity has infected the planet.
A decent country 30 years ago, alas today the Dutch lack the introspection to take a good look at themselves, I am not speaking out of place, I lived there once and Ik ook praten een betje Nederlands, if Anne Frank sought help in the NL today most Dutch people would be calling up the Nazi's and saying I will tell you where Anne Frank is if you give me an I Phone, they have become a nation of de facto American's and care about nothing but themselves.
My late daughters charity was about doing good in this world , I only know of 2 corrupt charities, however so much money is wasted by idiots " playing" at charity and I came across a scumbag in the UK called Martha Spurrier that " runs" a British NGO called Liberty, Spurrier should be fucking ashamed of herself she should be ashamed to cash her pay cheque for talking shit but doing nothing, before Spurrier a vile woman called Chakrabarti , THEY ARE FUCKING PARASITES.
My late daughters charity that Gracen stole from only had 3 rules.
1 , Feed Hungry Children.
2 Do Not Talk Shit.
3 Fuck Jesus (Hungry kids do not need Christian hypocrisy.)
I wonder in closing can any of the people that I wronged during my drunken years forgive me, being honest I cannot forgive you, I accept I was the one in the wrong, however I could not help it, my daughter was in effect " murdered" by her own mother, I am not talking about Pro Life Wackos, that love a handful of cells, however if those cells are viable and a child is born it is fuck you according to that sack of shit Widow Twankey AKA the CEO of God Inc AKA the Pope, the church of Rome is an abomination that weaponized fear and sold it to the great unwashed.
I am talking about a woman lying in bed and demanding money and when I could not provide the riches of Croesus she would refuse to eat and in effect she starved my daughter to death in her womb.
I was drunk between 1998 and 2002, I fucked up, can anybody forgive me, I cannot forgive you as you did not give me one last chance as I was crying myself to sleep under bridges in Paris.
Maybe I did not deserve one last chance, however I wanted one and I can never forgive anybody that did not give me one.However can anybody forgive me even though I cannot forgive you.
I talk about this below if I die soon feel some guilt and shame and bring down some scumbags, firstly Christian Broughton and Katharine Viner the Editors of 2 toxic British papers that are the " bibles" of the Fake Left, their holier than thou mentality whilst failing moral integrity makes me want to puke.
There is a woman in the British Press called Brooks she is Murdoch's Head Chimp in the UK and the scum of the earth, at least she is honest about being the scum of the earth Broughton and Viner are not.My blood and the blood of children in 3rd world hell holes is all over Broughton's and Viner's hands re their news blackout.
Also bring down Christiane Amanpour, a disgusting woman, she has seen the blood and should know right from wrong, she has the moral faculty of Isla Koch.
Bring the scumbags down, I have a pet hate of the fake left however now it is personal.
Also 2 corrupt charities, RSF in France and I have no idea why 36 will do nothing about RSF, also CPJ in NYC, Joel Simon the Head Scumbag there told me nobody will do anything as he is friends with Cyrus Vance, Manhattans Corrupt DA, I do not know if that is true, however I know Vance is corrupt, selective prosecution and is using the DA'S office as a stepping stone dreaming of the Governor's Office in Albany.
As I said I cannot forgive you, however if any of my old friends that I lost during my drunken years can forgive me bring down these scumbags if I die soon.
Somebody should also bring down Cressida Dick the head of the London Police, I do not know if she is corrupt or a coward, however I do know she is morally bankrupt, I have no idea what Jean-Charles Menzes de Menezes thinks as he is dead as in effect Cressida Dick gunned him down, death tends to make philosophical musings about people a tad difficult
.However I wonder what Jean-Charles would be doing today if Cressida Dick had not gunned him down, maybe he would be painting his mothers kitchen, maybe he would be at the zoo with his children, we will never know as in effect Cressida Dick gunned him down.
I have ran out of ideas, trying one last thing and will have finished that by Monday but I am 99 percent sure it will not work.
All these years all I wanted to do was go somewhere where I will be treated like a human being, I talk below about a scumbag from Idaho, she is SICK IN THE FUCKING HEAD, however what the fuck is wrong with me for being drawn to such a toxic woman.
All I wanted to do was go somewhere where I will be treated like a human being and charge across a field on the back of a horse knowing Gracen is in jail, horses are better than most people, they do not build heavy water plants, they do not point guns at each other and they do not play the derivatives markets to fuck over other horses.
All I wanted to do was get so fucking far away from American ignorance and vulgarity that has encapsulated the planet, At times I look for things to download , even the posters speak to American ignorance and vulgarity, mindless fucks from Casting Central clutching weapons, look at the drivel that talentless twat Tarantino pukes all over the mindless.
What about something " cute" maybe somebody is clutching Mario Cuomo's credit card and bought a vertical of Petrus with it and they are off to The Pierre to meet somebody nice rather than mindless violent drivel that the cesspool by the sea pukes all over the mindless.
It does not compute surely enough real violence in this world without it being called entertainment more so in the Parasitic States of America where they hand out side arms with happy meals to a nation of imbeciles that see guns as penile extensions.
Said all I need to say If anybody can forgive me bring down the scum I talk about if I die soon, De Sica comes to mind and an allegory, I wanted my fucking bicycle back and everybody turned their back.
In closing puke on that OBSCENITY from Idaho, I told her everything about Gracen and my late daughters charity and she would not even give me a sandwich.
As for the toxic geriatric on Mulholland you should be fucking ashamed of yourself what would MB have done in your place?, we both know what he would have done THE RIGHT THING HE WOULD HAVE STOOD UP AND BEEN COUNTED.
If you are reading this Jack, you are 84, Patrick Henry, death and taxes, I do not wish death upon you I wish integrity upon you.
However what will the world remember about you?, you made a few good movies and Angela Lansbury called your sexual administrations highly derivative. The world could have remembered you like they remember Marlon as a man that always did the right thing and I suggest he was the last honest man in the industry
If I die soon some fucker feel some guilt and shame and see my whale Elizabeth Gracen  rots in fucking jail and never leaves that jail until it dies.
I am so fucking ill so disgusted with the lack of humanity within this world, I long for death and a release from all the pain and suffering all that has kept me going all these years is my hatred of Gracen and a dream of seeing it go to jail.
I cannot even chew as most of my teeth have fallen out, I cannot even go to a bar and get laid, even if I could something sad and tawdry about trawling the bars to get laid at 56, not a moments happiness since Nov 8th 2002 due to that abomination Elizabeth Gracen as I said if I die soon some toxic low life cunt feel some guilt and shame, my death bed wish is that ABOMINATION Elizabeth Gracen rots in jail.
My last sentence in this preamble is for Idaho's very own Norma Desmond, you make my fucking skin crawl,. I truly believe you know I would have never failed you if you were on the streets of Paris, I would have been there for you, SHAME ON YOU all these years later no guilt, no shame just vulgarity and ignorance, I am fucking ill all you had to do was pick up a phone, I told you everything about my late daughters charity and Gracen and you would not even give me a sandwich as I cried myself to sleep under bridges in Paris, YOU ARE SICK IN THE FUCKING HEAD. All I wanted to do was go somewhere where I would have been treated like a human being, YOU ARE SICK IN THE FUCKING HEAD. Somewhere within that toxic heart of yours you know I would never have failed you.
Nothing left to say apart from echoing Ahab's words one last time, " For Hates Sake I Spit My Last Breath At Thee"
I have no more updates either in this preamble of below, if I die soon some fucker feel some guilt and shame.
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